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The Spiritual Path is an internet-based resource for those with an interest in religions or spiritual matters.  It is aimed at ‘beginners’ in the realm of spirituality and those without prior knowledge of this topic who wish to learn more or follow a religion or set of beliefs.  This site is secular by design and definition and is an unbiased resource for all religions and spiritual practices.  It offers guidance and information and also products for the beginner on the spiritual path to allow them to sample different facets for the experience or until they find the path they wish to follow.  The products come complete with instructions and guidance, allowing the practitioner to experience the facet fully without wasting time or money or being turned off the subject due to being misinformed or misuse of the product.

What is the 'Spiritual Path'?

The Spiritual Path is one where an individual seeks an understanding about, and union with, the Universe.  The path is strewn with lessons and experiences that teach the individual about life, themselves and their place in it. 

How Do I Start on the Spiritual Path?

The journey on the Spiritual Path begins very easily.  In fact, you have already begun by visiting this site.  The Universe listens to every word, thought and emotion we have.  The Universe can grant our wishes and help us in everyday life.  So, to begin on the Spiritual Path, all you have to say, straight from the heart, is 'I'm ready!'.  The Universe will then start about showing you signs (coincidences some people call them) to indicate to you that the Universe heard your request, and is answering the call.

The signs will be very subtle, yet obvious, if you are attentive.  Number sequences are a very common way that the Universe communicates with us as in today's society we are always surrounded by some device that displays numbers.  Otherwise, the Universe will show you signs that you would understand, in effect it will communicate with you in a language that you understand.  You will see, hear, smell or feel certain things when you ask a question in your mind or even out loud.  Look out for these signs as this will be the Universe giving you your answer. 

Be open-minded and attentive and look out for patterns of certain things that are emerging in your life.  These will be the Universe's attempts to find a dialogue with which you can communicate with it.  Once you have recognised the patterns and the way the Universe is communicating with you then the action begins!  The Universe will now start to unfold a whole new world to you, all you have to do is sit back, relax, keep an open mind and watch for the signs.  It really takes no effort at all.  But you must have a clear mind and a clear heart, otherwise you may either misinterpret the signs or block the messages coming to you through emotional or mental imbalance.  Be as clear a channel as possible.  Of course, this is not always possible.  We are only human after all!

Now a warning.  The Spiritual Path is not a game or a fad and is definitely not for the faint-hearted.  Once you have declared that you wish to travel the Spiritual Path the Universe will guide your life through experiences, both good and bad, and you will experience a vast range of emotions before you're through, these may well include some of your worst fears.  But don't be scared or put off.  The Universe is trying to help you to sever emotional and mental attachments to this realm of existence thereby releasing and liberating you.

The Spiritual Path is a journey for you and you alone.  No-one else has influence over it or should be taken as an intermediary to the Universe (for example, cults and self-proclaimed ministers).  The Universe will teach you everything you need to know as it is the very highest teacher and the very highest authority on everything.  Once you establish your relationship with the Universe the journey has already begun.  Just remain open and watch for the signs.  That's it!  It really is just that simple!

Safe journey...


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