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Words of Wisdom

Click on one of the links below to read words of wisdom, contemplation and reflection on that subject.  To submit your own words of wisdom scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ability Acceptance Achievement Action Advantage Advice Ambition
Anger Anticipation Appearance Appreciation Argument Association Attitude
Attraction Beauty Beginning Behaviour Belief Belonging Bitterness
Bravery Business Caution Character Conceit Confession Conscience
Consequence Consolation Contentment Courage Cowardice Crime Cynicism
Danger Death Debts Deceit Decisions Deeds Defence
Desires Desperation Devil Dogma Doubt Dreams Enemies
Enjoyment Envy Equality Escape Excuses Experience Failure
Faith Fate Faults Fear Flattery Fools Forbidden
Forgiveness Fortune Freedom Future Giving God Gratitude
Greatness Greed Guilt Happiness Hate Hell Hope
Human Nature Humanity Illusions Imagination Importance Injustice Innocence
Irony Jealousy Judgment Justice Kindness Knowledge Laughter
Lies Life Living Loneliness Love Luck Man
Memories Misfortune Money Morality Necessity Observations Opportunity
Optimism Paradise Paradox Passions Past Patience Penalty
People Pity Pleasures Possessions Poverty Power Prayer
Prejudice Prevention Punishment Reality Regret Resentment Results
Reward Risk Sadness Scoundrels Secrets Shallowness Silence
Sins Solitude Stubbornness Stupidity Success Suffering Surviving
Talk Temptations Thieves Thinking Time Troubles Truth
Tyranny Values Vanity Vice Victory Virtue Vision
Warning Weakness Wealth Wisdom Wishes Work Worry


Submit Your Words of Wisdom

If you have any words of wisdom you would like to share please feel free to email us at: wisdom@spiritual-path.com Please put the category in the subject line of the email.  Please also include your full name and if you wish to remain anonymous or not.

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words of wisdom